February 2017


With beautiful snow fall beginning of February we all enjoyed a very sunny month!

Thank you to all our skiing instructors and our students big and small!!

Check out the lovely pics our moniteurs made of the beautiful  surrounding mountains!


March and Easter week


Our season is wrapping up nicely, this will be our last of the season.

We would like to thank you for the amazing winter we have had with you.

We hope you have had as much fun as we have!

The children have been stars along with the adults, and group lessons and have gone better than we ever could have asked for.

The weather has been idyllic this past month, with very good snow conditions.

February 2016


We have had a great month here at the Snow School Morzine. Lots of snow and good weather. Bluebird days and smiles all around!

The resort is looking great, and it's still snowing regularly, topping up what we already have.


January 2016



Take a look at this link to our Facebook page. We have a great new video!!

We have had a fantastic month here at the Snow School Morzine.

The snow has been abundant, and the weather has been lovely.

New Year Week


First of all, Happy New Year to everyone!


We are all hugely excited here at the snow school as once again, our lessons went on as planned in spite of the snow conditions.


Well done to our instructors, to all the workers here in the resort who have kept it all going, and of course to our pupils who weren't disheartened!


Christmas week


Despite the snow conditions, our lessons went ahead as planned.

Thanks to all the amazing workers in the resort and of course to our spectacular instructors,

we were all able to make the best of the current situation so everyone left happy.

We got some great pictures and at least the sun was shining!!

Thank you to all our pupils and well done!

25 Feb 2015

Best spot, Lessons
The Snow School Morzine

February’s been a fantastic month – lots of people and plenty of places to ski!  The snow has fallen, the sun has come out : conditions in Morzine couldn’t be much better !

2 Febuarry 2015

Best spot, Lessons

The snow in Morzine just isn’t stopping – the pile in front of our office is growing, and it looks beautiful on the pistes…all the instructors all have big smiles on their faces! 

Snow's here!


The snow might have kept us waiting longer than usual but it certainly arrived in style!  Morzine is now looking picture perfect with more than a dusting of snow everywhere and up top it's lovely powder!

We're looking forward to getting group courses on the go tomorrow morning at 9.30 up at the top of the Pleney.

Snow's here!!


The snow might have kept us waiting a while this year but it's certainly arrived in style!  Morzine is looking picture-postcard perfect, and there're smiles all round.

We're excited to get cracking with group lessons tomorrow morning, meeting at the top of the Pleney at 9.30.